Winners United In Grief as 55 Players Share Super 6


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It was like a famous scene from Father Ted yesterday when a cry of “I don’t believe it” was heard reverberating across the UK as 55 different punters realised their dreams hadn’t actually come true.

I can barely imagine the tension in front of TV’s in living rooms across the land. How many of those poor people turned to their partners, friends or family and screamed “I’ve just won the Super 6. I have just won £250,0000″. How many of them actually won it? None.

It’s the stuff nightmares are made of. Like winning the lottery and realising 500 others also won and your massive win is a measly £4,545. Had they gone to the bookies and placed £1 on their correct score selections to come in they would have returned £60,167. Even a wee 10p would have seen them get bigger returns.

To put this in context only two people had managed to match all six correct scores over the whole season up until yesterday so for 55 individuals to share the jackpot is, well, unbelievable Jeff.



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