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Weekly betting review 18th Jan 16

Weekly Betting Review 18th January 2016

Number Of Bets 7
Winners 4
Losers 3
Total Investment 440
Total Returns 511.67
Return On Investment 16.29%
Highest Priced Winner 2.05
Lowest Priced Loser 1.81
Biggest Disappointment Stranraer
Best Pick Celtic HT/FT

It was another quiet week as I slowly edge my way towards a returning confidence. The figures for this week are absolutely fine, I would settle for a 16% ROI every single week.

The week is, however, tinged with regret. There were a lot of bets I was facing up towards the end of last week that I just couldn’t pull the trigger on. For example; Hearts +1.5 team goals; Kilmarnock v Inverness BTTS and Thistle v Dundee BTTS.

It’s alright talking about things in hindsight, it’s easy as we all know to say ‘I should have’. My trouble emits from the real notion that ‘I would have’ had I not been a little low in confidence. Hearts in particular were screaming at me but I convinced myself I had enough invested.

Anyway, what’s done is done and having got through the first two weeks of the year turning a profit both times I have little reason to complain. Things are looking up again for 2016.

This week also saw the inclusion of a guest tipster for the first time. Unfortunately his first tip was unsuccessful (somewhat spectacularly) but it is a feature I hope to expand on. The insight of fans who spend their weekends at the coal face of lower league Scottish fitba is invaluable.

The One That Got Away

Hearts is clearly the one that got away, the one that I should have backed with great conviction. The one I would have backed with great conviction. Not to be. I console myself in the knowledge that there were others I may have backed that didn’t win.


The Week Ahead

There are a few Scottish Cup replays and fourth round ties midweek to keep your eye out for. Celtic also play their game in hand at home to Hamilton Accies on Tuesday evening.

On Friday night there is another televised game when Aberdeen host Dundee in the Premiership and hopefully that will be as entertaining as so many have been of late.

There is a full programme of league matches to look forward to with Hamilton v Hearts on the box on Sunday and Morton v Rangers moved to next Monday for televised coverage.


About the Author Vincent Mulligan

Vincent is the originator of Scottish Football Tips. He has dragged the site kicking and screaming (him not the site) to become the leading tipster site for Scottish Football. Wherever you see the name ‘Fitba Tips’ you’ll know he has left his mark. Not necessarily a good thing.

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