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The true cost of football

The True Cost Of Scottish Football


The Beautiful Game – At a price!

We may only be a dozen games into the current season and while results may change, there is one thing that doesn’t change.

The ever-growing cost of attending football matches in this country!

New figures have been released and according to BBC Sport these do not make for good reading.

This isn’t just as simple as guys going to a 3pm kick off up and down Scotland, there are other factors to be brought into consideration.

Young kids are being introduced to the Beautiful game, however what is not so beautiful is the cost of the additions that comes with supporting your team.

From match tickets to jerseys, even the price of food or a programme can see parents splash up to an eye watering £154 just to see a game of football.

Where to buy YOUR Season ticket?

Looking at the latest figures it shows that Hamilton offer a package for £150 meanwhile Hearts and Kilmarnock 19 game package is available at £280

Celtic may have been the dominant side in Scottish football in recent years however it is their rivals Rangers who have a package at a staggering £625. The Champions have a hefty price also, however a £66 drop to £559 for the most expensive deal.

Selling The Jerseys!

The days when replica jerseys were available for £30 are sadly behind us as football fans are being forced to fork out fortunes to wear their teams colours so they can support the club they love.

Even parents have to sacrifice their hard earned money to buy their kids not just one strip but maybe an away kit, or dare I say it a THIRD kit.

This is a trend in which money grabbing clubs have decided to fleece their loyal fans all in aid to help pay their cash rich playing squad.

It was found that the club with the cheapest Adult top and junior top combined from all top flight clubs was Highland side Inverness at a mere £35 and £25 respectively.

While Rangers topped the season ticket price list it is Celtic sponsored by New Balance which has the most expensive jerseys priced at £53 for an Adult size & £40 for a kids jersey.

Excluding having to pay for football on digital or cable TV and In this current financial climate, are these prices Sky high or are you happy to be footing the bill to simply support your team and go to the football?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and on Twitter @Gstar21986.

Season Ticket (Cheapest) Season Ticket (Expensive) Lowest Single Ticket Hghest Single Ticket Match Programme Cost of Pie Price of Tea Cheapest Adult Away Match Expensive Adult Away Match Adult Shirt
Aberdeen £319 £406 £22 £28 £3 £1.95 £2.20 £25 £50 £40
Celtic £337 £559 £23 £49 £3 £2.30 £2.20 £49 £53 £40
Dundee £340 £385 £22 £25 £3 £1.95 £2.10 £25 £45 £35
Hamilton £150 £150 £22 £22 £2.50 £2.10 £1 £22 £49 £39
Hearts £280 £480 £18 £32 £3.50 £2.20 £2 £28 £45 £35
Inverness £297 £380 £22 £30 £3 £2.20 £2.20 £25 £35 £25
Kilmarnock £280 £330 £20 £26 £3 £2.20 £2 £26 £45 £36
Motherwell £310 £420 £19 £27 £3 £2.20 £1.90 £27 £45 £35
Partick £308 £340 £22 £25 £3 £2.20 £2 £25 £40 £30
Rangers £295 £625 £22 £49 £3.50 £2.50 £2.50 £49 £47.99 £36.99
Ross Co £300 £360 £20 £26 £2 £2.20 £1.20 £26 £40 £30
St Johnstone £310 £375 £23 £24 £2.50 £2.10 £2 £27 £40 £35

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