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Trading Scottish Football

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Thomas O'Donnell -Specialist Trading Advisor

"Trading is odds compilation of events and analysis of the markets within said events to find value selections that enable us to derive a sustainable profit in the long term."

Trading Scottish Football

Thomas and his hugely successful pricing structure had a stellar introductory season in 2017/2018. Having worked with one of the country's biggest bookmakers as a trading manager for six years he brings a wealth of experience that is invaluable and popular. 

His pricing structure produces 100% lines for the whole of Scottish football which are then analysed for an edge on available markets. When the edge is found the bets are advised using a points system to indicate where the greatest amount of value lies. 

Thomas will also contribute to the Scottish Football Tips 'Learning Zone', a service that aims to transform the way you operate within your own betting practices. In particular Thomas will encourage subscribers to understand how trading operates and evolves with the overall aim of teaching you how to get the most from your betting.

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"Just a wee shoutout to @FitbaTipsInplay and his main account @FitbaTips. Smashing it inplay and every weekend with quality write ups included."

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How it Works

As soon as all relevant information is collated the pricing structure lines are produced. From there potential edges on bookmaker odds can be analysed and concluded upon. A new post will be produced and shared across our social media channels and in the 'Latest Previews' page accessible from the menu at the top of every page.

Subscribers can log in and gain access to the posts which will come with rationale and a points based scoring system indicating where the greatest value lies. 

Advised bets can come in the form of 'Back' and 'Lay' selections. Therefore if not already attached to an exchange (e.g. Betfair) it may be something to consider. 

All tips are opened for general view (including non members) once a selection has played out. Therefore you can retrospectively analyse our services by looking through the 'Latest Previews' page from the menu at the top of every page.