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And offering up ALL OUR TIPS FOR 10p

Yes you have read that correctly. If you sign up for our 'WEEKEND PASS' at any point this week you will get access to all of our premium betting selections for just 10p. A dime, a florin, two bob. 
You will get access to all our premium selections for the rest of the week with your membership not expiring until next Monday 12th March (this has been extended due to the paucity of fixtures caused by the whiteout).

There is a big week of SPFL football ahead

On Tuesday and Wednesday there is action from across all four SPFL divisions.

At the weekend all four divisions are once again in action.

And the big games of the weekend are the Scottish Cup quarters. 

More games don't guarantee more tips (and the weather has scuppered it a bit) but there is a higher likelihood we will have a full roster of tips in the coming week. We have already released some for the midweek games and hopefully there is more to come.  

All you have to do is sign up for our 'weekend pass' option and you are ready to join in the winning with Scottish Football Tips. 
The place where winning matters.

New members should be aware we don't guarantee winners. Any tipster who does is leading you a merry dance. Our system is based on careful bankroll management and systematic staking plans.

We use pricing structures devised by operators with years of experience to determine tissue prices. These prices spot errors in the bookies prices and we then derive a margin of 'expected profit'. The level of expected profit determines the level of the stake. 

It is very important to stay within bankroll management rules to ensure you are betting at the right levels. If you really want to make money betting you need to play the long game. That's what we do and our results are very impressive. 

The reason we are opening up our tips this week for such a small amount is to show people how easy the signing up process is. You sign up through Paypal (the most secure payment gateway there is) but you don't need a Paypal account. You can sign up as a guest on the Paypal payment page using all major debit and credit cards. 

If you like what you see you can come back and sign up for an annual membership at your leisure. We would be very glad to see you and can help you devise a tailored staking plan to suit your own bankroll. 

Good luck us!

Any questions or comments fire away