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I won’t lie folks. It can be a hard old slog this tipping game and there is very little reward outside of my winnings but we all know that’s a volatile game. If you feel you have benefitted from my advice and have won a few squids that you might otherwise not have won you can buy me a beer to thank me.

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  • Fish says:

    Hi, just saw your webpage and you sound honest and the football betting…I am a gambler who bets now and again (say once per week) but big !
    Can I ask your thought’s on the ICT v Hearts game on Friday and if I win I will buy you a round..
    Many thanks

    • Fitba Tips says:

      Hi Jason

      I am mulling over whther to back +1.5 Hearts goals or +2.5 match goals. I will have a preview out this morning where I will outlay the best bets. Come back to the site at around 14:00 and it will be there. But essentially its all about goals with Hearts right now (not so much with ICT though).

    • Fitba Tips says:

      Of course if you’re looking for a low risk return just back Hearts to score @ 1.3(3/10). They have scored in every game this season and failed to score in just 3 games last season.

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