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Super 6 competition bonus week worth one million pounds

Super 6 competition.


Skybet’s  Super 6 competition has returned and this year it is even better.

Simply predict 6 correct scores to win £250,000. The money is up for grabs every week and if it’s not won Skybet will give the highest scorer of that round in the Super 6 competition £5,000 in prize money.

But that can be hard to achieve so what people do is create or join a league, which is what we are doing too.

Our Super 6 competition is going to give away a £150 top prize to the person who is leading the league at the end of the season.

If you aren’t already a member of the Super 6 competition you can register now by clicking through this link. It takes minutes to register and is completely FREE.

Join our Super 6 competition and beat the rest in your EPL predictions


Once you’re registered for the Super 6 competition all you have to do is click on the “Leagues” tab and click the “Join a league” option.

You will then be asked to enter the league code which is;


Once you have entered the code thats it, you’re in the Super 6 competition.

Super 6 Competition Leaderboard

 Still tight at the top of our Super 6 competition leaderboard featuring games from the English Premiership results predictor

Super 6 competition rules

There is only one extra rule that needs to be abided by and that is if you join after week 5 only points amassed since you joined the league will be counted towards your end of season total.

This is simply to stop people who find themselves doing well joining the league to cream the prize money. It would also be a good idea to comment at the bottom of this page so we will be able to contact you should you need to be dished out your winnings!

Everyone is welcome to join in this Super 6 competition so don’t be afraid to spread the word to your pals and show off your prediction skills What have you got to lose?

Literally. Nothing.

So what are you waiting for? Join now, have fun, win money.

Just click the pic below to be taken straight to the Super 6 competition sign up page and get ready to take us on at our own game.

Good luck!


This weeks Super 6 competition fixtures are 6 matches all from the English Premiership and English Championship

Register now for the free to enter Super 6 Competition and win £250,000


  • david taylor says:

    i am in

  • Ross says:

    Sky are showing my previous Surname and Location for some reason but I’m in!

  • Fitba Tips says:

    37 entries so far guys which is a great effort.

    After Week 3 Michael Swallow is leading with 29 points. Who is Michael Swallow?

    Calling Michael Swallow?

    Might be a good idea for anyone who has entered to make themselves known by commenting on this page in case we need to contact you to PAY YOU YOUR WINNINGS!!!

  • Fitba Tips says:

    I have actually dropped from 6th to 20th after last week’s shambolic performance. Thats how tight it is!

  • Fitba Tips says:

    Safe to say that my attempts at English football are a non-starter 😀

  • Adrian Townsend says:

    Just found this site so joining to have fun and definitely not win money!

  • Hugh says:

    Looks a tricky week this week

  • >