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Is Steven Gerrard moving to Celtic and about to grace the Celtic Way?

Steven Gerrard Moving To Celtic?


Brendan Rodgers could be about to pull off the most sensational transfer in Scottish football history.

Steven Gerrard has played his last game for MLS side LA Galaxy and appears to be heading home to Britain. Bookmakers Ladbrokes have placed Celtic as the favourites to sign the former European Cup winner.

It would be a move which would reverberate not only throughout Britain but Europe as well.

The Liverpool legend waved goodbye to America as he posted a farewell message on his Instagram page saying “Special place, incredible view, I will miss you LA”.

Former Celtic player Andy Lynch has recently stated that Gerrard is a big fan of the Scottish Champions. That statement pairs with the fact that the former Liverpool Captain has said that he could never play for any other English club except Liverpool.

This can only be good reading for Celtic fans. And the odds of 4-1 on him signing up to Rodgers Revolution at Celtic look appealing.

LA Galaxy were eliminated from the MLS Play Offs last weekend. They were beaten on penalties to Colorado Rapids in the Semi final of the Western Conference.

Steven Gerrard in a Celtic jersey?

Although Gerrard at 36 wouldn’t have much playing time left in his career. But from a commercial point of view its a no brainer as the revenue he would bring in to the club would be huge.

He can be accommodated in the midfield at Celtic with Bitton, Sinclair and Forrest. He may also certainly share the pitch with Scott Brown. However he won’t be grabbing the Celtic Captains famous number eight any time soon. Brown has commanded that jersey for almost 10 years at Celtic.

Five goals in 34 appearances for the MLS side certainly proves that Gerrard has the legs for one full last season. He will need to take into account the change in style of football in Scotland as the pace as well has the physical side of the game may take it’s toll.

Celtic also need to make sure they don’t go down the Barton/Senderos route that Rangers have taken with bad consequences.

Whatever Steven Gerrard decides his next move in football is there will certainly be keen eyes watching from British football fans up and down the country.

What do you think Celtic fans? Would this be a lucrative move for the club? Or would you rather see a younger more inexperienced player come in?

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