Scotland Will Be At The World Cup!

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SEMD Money Back Guarantee Terms & Conditions



1 – For the purposes of these terms & conditions ‘Money Back Guarantee’ will refer to any manner of losing selection protection including, but not limited to, the ‘Free Week’ element to certain membership levels.

2 – There is a limited timeframe to claim the money back guarantee. You must contact Scottish Football Tips within 48 hours of the selection losing.

3 –The onus is on you to contact Scottish Football Tips to claim your money back guarantee.

4 – Only players who have contacted Scottish Football Tips to claim their money back guarantee will receive it.


1 – The weekly selection guarantee gives you the next week’s selection for free should it lose. This is the only Money Back Guarantee that is automatic. You do not need to contact Scottish Football Tips to receive this.


1 – For the monthly guarantee greater than 50% of the selections must lose and incur a loss to claim the Money Back Guarantee. Only those members who claim the guarantee within 48 hours of their membership expiring will be given the Money Back Guarantee.

2 –The Money Back Guarantee for the monthly membership will give you the next week’s selection for free.


1 – The annual membership offers members the opportunity to claim back their money IN FULL if the selection is not turning a profit after three calendar months from their sign up date. Members have one week to claim the guarantee.

2 – If the selections turn a profit within the timeframe allowed for claiming the Money Back Guarantee and before members contact Scottish Football Tips to claim the guarantee they will lose all rights to the Money Back Guarantee.

Scottish Even Money Double terms & conditions