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Win BIG with this Scottish Junior Cup competition

Scottish Junior Cup Competition


How do you fancy an all expenses paid trip to the Scottish Junior Cup Competition final?

If you’re a fitba fan here is a prize you do not want to miss out on. On top of the tickets McBookie will give you, wait for it…

  1. £100 worth of travel expenses (Limo anyone?).
  2. Food and free bar before the game (Not driving the limo).
  3. Half-time pie (naturally).
  4. Post-match drinks (to wash down the pie).
  5. A free £100 bet on the game (first goalscorer at 25/1 methinks).

All together that prize pool could total close to £1000, depending on how fast you can guzzle at the free bar. This could make a great start to your summer with the final scheduled to be played at the end of May with the venue yet to be confirmed.

Get free tickets to Scottish Junior Cup FInal if you win this Scottish Junior Cup competition from McBookie

Register now to win this Scottish Junior Cup competition


As the picture above explains all you have to do to win the Scottish Junior Cup competition is place a minimum £5 bet on any Scottish Junior Cup games between now and the final. The more bets you place the more chance you will have of winning.

Any multiple bets you place will count so long as they include at least one selection from the Scottish Junior cup games.

The competition is open to all McBookie customers and if you haven’t already got a McBookie account you will get a free matched bet up to £25 when you register. You could use that to get yourself an entry into the Scottish Junior Cup competition draw.

register with McBookie for a free bet up to £25 and entry into the Scottish Junior Cup competition

Good luck if you decide to enter, I most certainly will. If I win I will open the extra ticket to a follower of Scottish Football Tips. Perhaps you could show the same courtesy (God loves a trier).

The next round of fixtures is this weekend with sixteen different fixtures to choose from.