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Scottish Football Tips – The Next Level


Yesterday was another good day for Scottish Football Tips. Two out of three single bets from the previews won. The Even Money Double returned as a winner, (even if it was just a half win – 57% ROI) and both goals accas won with high returns.

Scottish Football Tips – Bigger And Better

But despite the good results and impressive performances as it stands there is a danger that Scottish Football Tips could stagnate. As a lone operator there is only so much I can do. There is only so much time and resources I have at hand.

It takes a lot of both of those to first of all research and predict tips and bets every week. More resources are required to share these bets with you. The infrastructure takes time and money. There are hosting fees, plugin fees, development fees and more.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a pre-amble to me asking you for money. What I want to do is share my plans for taking Scottish Football Tips to the next level. There is something you can do to help but it will literally take you no more than two clicks of your mouse. I’ll get to that.

The Next Step

Essentially I want to develop a small stable of Scottish football tipsters. But they have to be the right people. They have to be good. They have to have proven ability and verifiable results.

I have some people in mind. Some people who I know have what it takes. They have been around the block and, most importantly, they know Scottish football. They know the betting scene and the betting industry and they know value when they see it and how to best extract it.

Unfortunately Scottish Football Tips does not have the resources at present to employ them. But there is a way to move towards a point where it can. If Scottish Football Tips can enhance it’s reputation, notoriety and prestige it will move towards that position.

Those of you who are regular followers know that Scottish Football Tips has something to offer. You also know that it is not maximising it’s potential.  Together we can take that first step to maximising the potential and, therefore, increasing the value to you as a user.

Step one in this process is getting Scottish Football Tips nominated for the Football Blogging Awards. For that to happen I need your help. It will literally take two clicks of your mouse to vote for Scottish Football Tips and every vote will go a long way to succeeding.

Being successful will put Scottish Football Tips in front of more people than a month’s worth of marketing and social media posting could manage. It could be the spark needed to put all the plans in place.

How To Vote

It really is as simple as two clicks of your mouse. Just click here to tweet your support. It will take you to a pre-generated tweet that is required to vote. Click again and voila. You will have voted for Scottish Football Tips.

You can also vote by going directly to the Football Blogging Awards website and putting ‘@FitbaTips’ in the ‘Best Gambling Football Blog’ category. Again, it twill take just a few clicks and a few moments out of your day.

Thanks for listening and I hope you can join me on the journey to taking Scottish Football Tips to the next level.

About the Author Vincent Mulligan

Vincent is the originator of Scottish Football Tips. He has dragged the site kicking and screaming (him not the site) to become the leading tipster site for Scottish Football. Wherever you see the name 'Fitba Tips' you'll know he has left his mark. Not necessarily a good thing.

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