The Scottish Football Tips Learning Zone Is Coming


Some of you already know about our plans to introduce a 'Learning Zone' to Scottish Football Tips. I know some of you are already excited about it's implementation. 

Well we now have a release date for the new service.

8th November 2017

Why so far away? Simply because we want to make sure it is chock full of excellent material for you to dive right in. As long as there is plenty of material available we will be able to keep ahead meaning you will never be short of courses to start and never stop improving. 

How does it work?

The Learning Zone will be full of interactive courses designed to take your betting to the next level. And it doesn't matter what level of football bettor you already are.

Even advanced bettors will be able to take advantage of some of the material we will have on offer. 

Each course will be broken up into lessons with definable and deliverable learning outcomes. You will then be able to test yourself with quizzes specifically designed to enhance your learning potential. 

The courses are being designed by our expert tipsters with help from educational practitioners at university level. You are getting the best of both worlds with our Learning Zone.

What's it called?

You know we haven't actually decided on it's final name yet. For now we are calling it the Learning Zone but that may change. We may even open it up to the general public and reward the final selection with a free membership. 

Who can access it?

This service will be a premium service to start with. Over time some courses will then become free to view as our portfolio builds. 

We will also be introducing a new level of membership. 'Unicorn' level members will initially be the only members able to access our learning zone. But if your are a 'Lion Rampant' member when the Learning Zone goes live you will be upgraded to 'Unicorn' level membership for the duration of your membership. 

Keep your eyes and ears open for more information regarding this new service in the weeks and months ahead. 

About the Author Vincent Mulligan

Vincent is the originator of Scottish Football Tips. He has dragged the site kicking and screaming (him not the site) to become the leading tipster site for Scottish Football. Wherever you see the name 'Fitba Tips' you'll know he has left his mark. Not necessarily a good thing.

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  • del2608 says:

    Looking forward to the Learning Zone. I do ok bet wise but there is so much I don’t know or understand. Hopefully this will help.

    • Vincent Mulligan says:

      That’s great to hear Del and thank you for sharing. We hope it will develop to become the great resource it promises to be.

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