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Scottish Football Tips Is Closing


The end for Scottish Football Tips is nigh. And there is no point in pretending it wasn’t coming.

On Monday morning of the 3rd of October the Scottish Football Tips website will close.

But the end is only as you know it.

The site will be closed for two days (Monday and Tuesday).

It will return on Wednesday (all going well) with a new design that will incorporate some new features.

  • Improved navigation
  • Direct targeting to help point you in the direction you want to go
  • Less clutter
  • Advanced page building to make the important information clearer

This is just part one of turning Scottish Football Tips into the site you deserve. And don’t worry it won’t mean any less of the things you love. The things that have brought Scottish Football Tips to where it is today.

You will still get all the free previews, premium tips and competitions that brought you here in the first place.

I apologise for the interruption in service but it is the start of an exciting progression for the site. I am investing time and money at this point because I believe in the potential of this site and the community it has fostered.

Those of you who have been here from the start know how far we have come. Everyone knows how far we have to go.

We’re on our way…

About the Author Vincent Mulligan

Vincent is the originator of Scottish Football Tips. He has dragged the site kicking and screaming (him not the site) to become the leading tipster site for Scottish Football. Wherever you see the name 'Fitba Tips' you'll know he has left his mark. Not necessarily a good thing.

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