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Scottish Even Money Double

Vincent Mulligan - Editor & Even Money Double Advisor

"The Even Money Double has been a staple of the site for years. Like any bet it has good runs and bad runs but historically it is coming out well on top in the long term and that's what really matters."

The Scottish Even Money Double

Each week (sometimes more) Vincent trawls the Scottish football fixtures to find two selections to make up the even money double. Like any bet he looks for value in the knowledge that is how you come out on top long term. 

It is not a matter of simply finding two selections that come to the right price. As a result the price can very from 1.8 (4/5) to 2.4 (7/5) and anywhere in between (and beyond). Finding the value is the main concern.  

In the time that we have been offering this selection we have seen many things come and go. But the Scottish Even Money Double has held firm and with good reason, too. It's a long term winner and we aim to keep it that way.

Current Return On Capital since 2017!

Even Money Double Results 2016/2017/2018

Bank Growth
No. Of Bets
2 %
Av. Stake Size
Return on Invest.

Last Month's Results

"I was already an Even Money Double lifetime member however looking at the new site and the low pricing I am happy just to write it off and join up to all the services. Site and package looks great and beautiful customer service."

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How it Works

Much like all the other selections the Even Money Double will be released as a new post (usually on a Thursday) which will be shared across our social media network.

Subscribers can log in and gain access to the tip which will come with a comprehensive analysis. It is listed on the 'Latest Betting Tips' page, accessible from the main menu at the top of every page once it is released.

All tips are opened for general view (including non members) once a selection has played out. Therefore you can retrospectively analyse our services by looking through the 'Latest Previews' page from the menu at the top of every page.