Refer a friend to Scottish Football Tips

For you and your pal!

Everything is better when you can enjoy it with your pals, right? We think so.

We also think you should get a reward for introducing your pals to us because the more who join Scottish Football Tips the stronger we all become.


So this is what we are willing to do

We will add an extra three months onto your membership for everybody you introduce to Scottish Football Tips. 

Introduce four new members to us and that's next years membership covered!

All you have to do is get the new member to email '' telling us your username and we will add the free months.

Your pal also gets an extra three months so it is worth their while. 

The offer is unlimited so you can get as many people as you want to nominate you as their recommender.  

Keep up the good work and you might never need to pay for membership again. 

As an added bonus if your pal joins at a higher level membership than you we will upgrade you to the same membership level!

So get telling your pals about all the winning we are doing at Scottish Football Tips.
The place where winning matters.

- Offer only applies to existing members and does not apply to free memberships or weekend passes.

Any questions or comments fire away