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Chelsea v PSG bet365 risk free inplay bet in the Champions League with a free bet up to £50

PSG v Chelsea bet365 Risk Free Inplay Bet


UEFA Champions League

Location: Parc Des Princes

Date: 16th February 2016

Time: 19:45
Broadcast live on BT Sport Europe

The latest bet365 risk free inplay bet up to £50 is here. This time they have gone for the big Champions League clash between PSG and Chelsea.

If you haven’t played the bet365 risk free inplay bet offer before the premise is simple.

All you have to do is place a pre-match bet on the PSG v Chelsea match and you will get a bet365 risk free inplay bet to the same value up to £50 to be used once the match has kicked off.

Bear in mind, this is not a free bet, it is better than that. It is a bet365 risk free inplay bet meaning if the bet loses bet365 will refund your stake IN FULL.

Different people will approach this in different ways with some people taking a risk on a big score and others trying to eek some guaranteed profit.

How you play the PSG v Chelsea bet365 risk free inplay bet is up to you but it is important that you minimise the risk involved.

On this occasion we are looking to take a little risk and then use the free bet to try and get a decent return. Read on to find out how.

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How to play the bet365 risk free inplay bet offer.

Step 1

The first thing you need to take advantage of the bet365 risk free inplay bet offer is a bet365 account so if you haven’t got one, and there really is no excuse not to get one, click on the link and open one now. bet365

You will benefit from a matched deposit up to £200 which is the best account opening offer out there. To make the most of this offer you will need to deposit at least £100 and you will need to play with it but it is risk free.

Step 2

Place a pre-match bet of £50 on +0.5 match goals at a price of 1.083. So long as there is a goal in the game your bet will return £54.15 meaning a profit of £4.15. But you also get the £50 bet365 Risk Free Inplay Bet to play with.

Step 3

Once the game has started you can take your pick on any number of bets. You can go wild and place a first goalscorer bet at large odds.

I like to look for something between the 2/1 and 3/1 marks meaning the bet should come in once in every 2/3 times. Of course it’s risk free so is £100 to £150 pure profit so long as there is a goal.


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Bear in mind that there are other means to negate loss with the PSG v Chelsea bet365 risk free inplay bet offer but many contravene the t&c re:’guaranteeing profit’.

Good luck everyone.

Prices are correct at time of writing although they may be subject to change.

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