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Martin Canning Closes In on 42


Hamilton Accies tweeted an amazing fact this morning. Their first team coach Martin Canning has played in fourty-one of the fourty-two grounds in senior Scottish football. Today he manages his team in the only ground he hasn’t played in.


Annan Athletic’s Galabank is within touching distance of Canning and he has the chance to name himself in the squad for today’s game. He has already lined out this season against St Johnstone so the temptation to play himself and get the full bag must enormous.

It is hard to imagine there are many players who have managed to play in all fourty-two grounds in their professional career. In fact, it is hard to imagine their might be anyone who has managed.

What a great achievement it would be for Martin Canning and would rightly deserve a place in the history books. Surely a place on the bench with the potential to come on if the game is comfortably won wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

Given Accies’ defensive woes of late it might even be called for. As far as Scottish Football Tips’ is concerned, #CanningMustPlay.


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