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Weekly Betting Review

March Betting Review

Number Of Bets 37
Winners 13
Losers 22
Total Investment 2730
Total Returns 2640.97
Return On Investment -3.26%
Highest Priced Winner 2.7
Lowest Priced Loser 1.92
Biggest Disappointment Rangers
Best Pick Even Money Double


Number Of Bets 25
Winners 8
Losers 15
Total Investment 2070
Total Returns 1742.44
Return On Investment -15.82%


Number Of Bets 9
Winners 5
Losers 4
Total Investment 640
Total Returns 898.53
Return On Investment 40.39%


Number Of Bets 3
Winners 0
Losers 3
Total Investment 20
Total Returns 0
Return On Investment -100.00%

Scottish Even Money Double

Number Of Bets 4
Winners 4
Losers 0
Total Investment 400
Total Returns 801.1
Return On Investment 100.27%

March is most notable for two major influences and each one had the opposite affect. From a losing point of view the fact that the month has finished negatively is down to one thing, Rangers.

Over the month there were four bets involving Rangers and they all lost. The most galling of them were the last two when Rangers somehow threw away multiple goal advantages to blow the bets. Even if only the last two had won, as they clearly looked like they were going to, the month would have finished in profit.

From a winning point of view it’s hard to miss the success of the Scottish Even Money Double.

Since it’s implementation in January it now showing an 83% strike rate with a Return On Investment of more than 70%. This month saw a 100% strike rate and a Return On Investment of more than 100%. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Unfortunately that has led to the inevitable and you will now have to subscribe for that bet. It could cost less than £1 per week and for a bet performing as well as it is, that’s a snip.

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