Asian Handicaps

Mastering Asian Handicaps

3 Lessons Easy

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If you are not using the Asian handicap lines you are leaving money in the bookies' pockets. This quick and easy course will show you what you're doing wrong, what you can do to fix it and explains Asian handicap lines in the simplest terms we could. Even the most beginner of bettors should finish with confidence to take on the Asian lines after this.

Course Structure

Unicorn Level

Step 1: See what you're missing out on

This video will show you exactly how and how much you are potentially missing out on by not taking on the Asian lines.
Unicorn Level

Step 2: Asian Handicaps explained.

This text runs through the basics of Asian Handicaps. Quarter balls, half balls and full ball etc. By the end you should begin to get to grips with the terminology surrounding Asian Lines.
Unicorn Level

Step 3: Test your knowledge with our quiz.

Lets see how far how have come. Try out these fictional examples and see if you can determine the status of your Asian handicap bets.