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This video of Jurgen Klopp behind the scenes is utterly charming from The Liverpool manager

Jurgen Klopp Behind The Scenes


This Jurgen Klopp behind the scenes video could be one of the best things you watch for a while.

The Klopp and The Kop have bonded really quickly and you can see why from this charming video of Jurgen Klopp behind the scenes from LFCTV.

The Liverpool Football Club sent a nine year old boy to interview The Reds’ new manager. His main task of the day was to teach the German, former Borussia Dortmund manager, some Scouse phrases.

The enthusiasm of Jurgen Klopp in accepting the challenge lends a lot of weight to how charming the video is.

Liverpool fans have taken to their new manager very quickly and he has repaid their faith in many respects. Their recent victory away to Man City being an obvious example of that.

In the video Klopp learns some uniquely Scouse phrases such as ‘Mi heads chocka’ and ‘Gorra cob on’. I can confirm that you don’t have to be German to be hearing these phrases for the first time. Or to be slightly bemused by them.

Klopp says in the video that he would use one of the phrases in his post-match interview if The Pool managed to beat City.

Well? They did. Did he use one? It would be interesting to find out for sure.

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