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Introducing The New Scottish Football Previews


We have changed the way we do our Scottish Football Previews* (in particular the SPFL Premiership) and we are very excited about the potential it holds. First of all though let me explain why.

It wasn't broken. Why Fix it?

The old style previews were a laborious task. From our point of view they took too long to do and used more resources than they were worth. 

In short they were uneconomical and inefficient. This goes against everything we should be aiming to do at Scottish Football Tips.

From your point of view they were subjective, in some ways inaccurate and, as some have pointed out, confusing when placed in context with everything else that we produce. 

The main reason for the change is our continued progression.  It wasn't broken but it certainly wasn't optimised (it still isn't but we believe we are now heading in the right direction).

This is part of our next steps in increasing our edge.

So what's the big  change?

There has been a sea change in how football is analysed, measured, dissected and even discussed. The change? STATS!

The term 'xG' was known only to a few intrepid pioneers barely two or three years ago. Now it is so commonplace as to command a place on Match Of The Day. 

We would not be so bold as to claim Scottish Football Tips was at the forefront of the revolutionary developments. But we have always supported it and now have every intention of benefitting from it. 

We have acquired access to an extensive and thorough database of Scottish Premiership statistics. Enough stats to make the uninitiated's eyes bleed. 

To many these are just numbers in columns on a long list of spreadsheets but to us they are a potential goldmine of information we can use to adapt and update our pricing structures, team ratings, predictions and projections. 

The Scottish Football Previews are just the first step in that process. It is a double edged sword that allows us to hone our skills while divining informative statistics for you. It's literally a win win. And it doesn't even end there.

Predicted Team Capacity Ratings

We have also been beavering away for months to develop a system designed to predict team selections and measure the effect on expected outcomes.

Put simply we rate every player in every squad and measure the impact their inclusion/omission has on overall team capacity. 

We are releasing the first outputs of this system with the new previews but using it in far greater detail on our behind the scenes tinkering with models and structures. 

A Three Pronged Attack

Our intention is to use the stats, the team ratings and the updating of current models and structures to get so far ahead of the bookies they will be looking at us to set their lines by. 

When we release our first set of previews this coming weekend we will still be in the alpha phase. For the rest of this season and perhaps beyond we will continue to develop the system until we are happy with it. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't be outputting information from the get go.

It does however mean some things may change over time. All for the better, though. 

How will it look?

What you see below is the early look of our new previews.* We plan to preview as many SPFL Premiership matches as we can to begin with and then hopefully build from there. All previewed matches will now appear in the same post.

They are more succinct and easier to consume than before which was our ultimate goal. They do not include any tips. Any betting suggestions picked up by us will be included in other areas of the site e.g. Scottish Premiership Selections and Trading Selections. 

Please do give us your feedback. Are there any stats in particular you want to know? Any information you consider key that we may have left out? Have you any reservations about the new format?

We will listen and any ideas that are practicable we will consider implementing. Please do comment at the bottom of this post with your thoughts.

*The Scottish Football Previews are just a small section of our output. They have never been considered part of our premium tips package and are used to inform and guide you in any personal selections. 

**The stats on show below are not representative of reality.

Stats Key







Scoring Chances Ratio

Expected Goals Ratio

Expected Goals


Expected Goals


Expected Goals Against


Team Capacity 

scottish football betting previews ross county crest


Scottish Premiership

17th February 18 - 12:30

12th v 5th

scottish football betting previews hearts crest









Ross County














Notable Team News

Any notable team news will be developed here.

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