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Vincent Mulligan - Editor & Inplay Betting Advisor

"With the bookies upping their game in the pre-match betting markets inplay betting has became an essential tool in the profitable football bettors' armoury. "

Scottish Football Inplay Betting Tips

The Scottish Football Tips' inplay betting tips service uses the Telegram messaging app to deliver the inplay betting advice. The advantage of Telegram comes in it's desktop client availability as well as mobile. As a result this makes our delivery system faster. 

You will get notifications on your mobile device (and desktop) each time a new message is posted to the Scottish Football Tips Inplay group. So you can carry on doing what you're doing while waiting for the next tip. 

The service is also interactive meaning you can get involved in the process. At Scottish Football Tips we believe everybody has something to contribute so naturally we encourage members to pitch in. Best of all the results have been truly outstanding. 

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"Just a wee shoutout to @FitbaTipsInplay and his main account @FitbaTips. Smashing it inplay and every weekend with quality write ups included."

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How it Works

Members can get access to the inplay group on request or by following this link. All of our members are entitled to join our inplay tips group so everyone can get involved. 

Once you access the group you will be asked to confirm your SFT username and once confirmed you will have access to all of the inplay betting tips. 

Tips will be images of the placed bets including all the necessary information to follow the advised action. Any extra information will be posted after the betting information. This is to ensure bets are posted as soon as possible resulting in action that happens while someone is typing being negated.

However, because we back every bet we place there is one hard and fast rule. Bet first. Type later. That should minimise the occasions where match action invalidates suggested bets. 

To join the Telegram inplay group just follow this link.