Help Scottish Football Tips WIN The Football Blogging Awards


We did it! We are in the final.

We have once again made it to the final of the Football Blogging Awards for 2018. The last time the ceremony was held, in 2016, we made it all the way to the final. Making it again is an achievement in itself but this time we would like to go all the way and win it

To do that we need your help!

We are up against some real behemoths in the world of football tipsters. The biggest accounts and websites out there are in the final. In fact it looks very strange seeing our wee operation mentioned in the same breath as guys who are quite literally huge. 

All you have to do to help take Scottish Football Tips to the next level is take two minutes to vote for us either on the FBA's website or on twitter (or both) and we are making the process easy for you. 

We really do need you to help us become a wee Scottish success story and hopefully take Scottish Football Tips to the next level. As you know Winning Matters to us at Scottish Football Tips so we are not just going along for the jolly.  

Just click on the relevant buttons below to make your vote count. And yes, you can vote on both the website and twitter so please do give us both votes. We are going to need them.  

I am voting in @theFBAs for @FitbaTips to win the #FBAGambling category #FBAs

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About the Author Vincent Mulligan

Vincent is the originator of Scottish Football Tips. He has dragged the site kicking and screaming (him not the site) to become the leading tipster site for Scottish Football. Wherever you see the name 'Fitba Tips' you'll know he has left his mark. Not necessarily a good thing.

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