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Deila and Commons – Ronny Needs The Commons Touch


Deila and Commons have publicly made up but is an internal spat set to continue? 

By Gary Smith


Celtic took a Mauling in Molde this week and Ronny Deila’s night was compounded when Kris Commons didn’t take too kindly to being substituted.

The Scottish Champions found themselves, not for the first time, behind in Europe.This was meant to be the much publicised return to Norway of Deila and midfielder Stefan Johansen.

However the pair were upstaged by Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer the manager of the Norwegian champions. The performance from Celtic was abysmal and at times embarrassing, a feeling the fans are all too used to.

It was about to get a whole lot worse as Deila prepared to throw on Nadir Ciftci.  Many fans watching in pubs and those at the game felt the player who should have been hooked was Stefan Johansen. When Commons’ Number flashed up the fans vented their anger and disbelief at the manager.

Commons then threw the strop of all strops, grabbing his jacket and arguing with the coaching staff, mainly John Collins.

The slanging match continued quite vocally as the frustrated midfielder let rip at Both Collins and Deila and boy he didn’t hold back.

With Deila and Commons publicly falling out John Collins has taken a lot of the flak from the Hoops faithful after the game in Molde

John Collins has taken a lot of the flak from Celtic fans

Ronny Deila Got a Public Apology From Kris Commons

Kris has since apologised publicly and privately to both the players and fans as well as the coaching staff at Celtic. This is a double edged sword and both sides have sharp points that are valid.

Firstly, from a fans perspective, the majority backed Commons and most giving the manager the same abuse.

He has since been slated for his outburst with people saying he was embarrassing and should have kept it in house.

The point I want to make is why should he? He was Celtics only bright spark on what was a shocking display.

Even the reliable Scott Brown was posted missing at times. He failed, like his manager to motivate the team. They should step up and take the flak that has been aimed at Commons since Thursday.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. People are always wise after the event in the cold light of day but at least he was showing some heart and passion.

At least he was showing some compassion and love for the fans who chanted his name as he left the field of play. Those fans paid good money as they always do to watch their team in Europe and domestically.

Teams have bad results sure but when it gets as poor as it was in Norway then something has to change. Fortunately I don’t feel it will be commons.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not jumping on the bandwagon and shouting for Deila out or indeed giving abuse to Johansen. That’s not my style and I feel Johnasen is just going through a bad patch which will improve over time.

Celtic entertain Dundee United at Parkhead today before travelling to the capital for a clash with Hearts.

I would hope that all was sorted and hands were shaken by all parties involved as the last thing Celtic need is a dressing room divide at such a crucial part of the season.

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