Inplay Betting

Inplay Betting Markets

Lesson 2

Depending on the game the amount of markets available inplay can vary. Feature games like Champions League or the main European Leagues will give you a very wide range. All the better to take your money with.

Whereas you will also come across games where the markets are extremely limited. Some matches won't even include first half markets and even in the lower league Scottish matches you will, from time to time, see games without an option for corners. 

But the majority of the time you will get access to the markets I like to operate in most. 

Find the market you like to operate in and make that your primary betting focus. Overtime you will learn to decipher stats and recognise value in the market. 

Inplay markets worth investigating

Remember the general rules from lesson one? A key one is remembering it is a game of two halves. Anyone who has watched my betting for a period of time will instantly spot I put a lot of my focus into first half markets. The reasons for which I have already explained. But they are not the only ones. 

  • 1st Half Asian Handicap - by far my most focused selection. 
  • 1st Half Goals - much like the asian handicap line I also look to total goals. Again most often in the second half. 
  • Corners - an exception where I normally look to overall totals rather than concentrating on halves. But my main focus is the 'corners race'. 

I will run through each one of these briefly but will return to each of them in the next lesson which is about strategy. 

If you are using the bet365 client you can click the star at the side of your favourite markets. This will take them up to the top of your page making it easier to keep an eye on them.

inplay betting markets favourited

First Half Asian Handicap

If you need to familiarise yourself with Asian Handicaps you can first read our guide to Asian Handicaps to get you started.

The first half asian handicap line is always the first thing I check. Using the available stats you can gauge whether or not there is value in the line offered. 

The alternative to this market is the half-time result market although this only applies when the game remains on level terms. It is important to remember all asian handicap bets treat the game as 0-0 at the time you take the bet regardless of the actual score. 

It also offers security with 0.0 (draw no bet), 0.25 (split stake) and the other split stake options. I do back on the WDW lines too but usually in the second half (not always, there are exceptions to everything). Even then I will more often look to the Asian Handicap. 

First Half Goals

My preferred option with goals is to look to the 'Goal Line' market. Primarily because it offers split stake options and returned stake security. 

But it is important to remember to check both options in case one of them is offering a higher price. 

Goals and corners offer up the best opportunity for high odds returns. More on that in the strategy lesson. 

Corners - Race To 'x' Corners

I utilise the corners race line frequently but I also take on the asian corners and total corners markets.

As mentioned above they can offer up high odds returns if you find the right scenario. But it is the market I visit least of all.

Make sure you check alternatives to your preferred market.

e.g. Asian Handicap v WDW and European Handicap, Asian Corners v Total Corners, Goal line v Total Goals.

Despite these markets equating to the exact same bet you often get a different price and they can sometimes be as much as a 20% increase on your returns.