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Celtic v Rangers Enhanced Odds


Get Celtic at 5/1 and Rangers at 16/1 with this Celtic v Rangers Enhanced Odds offer.

There is no better time to be opening a new account with a bookmaker than this weekend.

There is more than one Celtic v Rangers Enhanced Odds Offer in the pipeline but you could do a lot worse than take on this one.

Betfair are offering new customers Celtic at 5/1 or Rangers at 16/1 for their first bet if they bet on the Celtic v Rangers enhanced odds offer before kick off Saturday.

Be aware that terms and conditions do apply for example;

  • £10 Max bet
  • UK and Irish customers only
  • Winnings paid in promotional cash (free bets)

This means you can get £50 or £160 (depending on who you back) in free bets for your £10 original stake. This trumps the usual £30 matched bet that new customers normally get.

Celtic v Rangers Enhanced Odds Offers for old firm glasgow derby

Celtic v Rangers Special Offer for the old firm glasgow derby in the Scottish Premiership

How To Get The Celtic v Rangers Enhanced Odds Offer

  1. The first thing you need to do is sign up for a Betfair account. Once there you can make a deposit of £10 to place the bet.
  2. Then you need toPlace a bet on Celtic or Rangers in the ‘Match Odds’ market at the enhanced price
  3. Wait for your Celtic v Rangers Enhanced Odds Bet to win.

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