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Cock a hoops at the prospect of Brendan Rodgers Celtic Manager as the next Celtic manager

Brendan Rodgers Celtic Manager? Not In This Dimension


“Brendan Rodgers Celtic Manager” is a headline we could all be reading a few weeks from now.

Celtic fans should be careful not to pinch themselves when they do read those headlines or they are in danger of waking themselves up. When Skybet cut the price on Brendan Rodgers in the next Celtic manager betting market to 1/10 a lot of Hoops fans got rather excited.

The prospect of “Brendan Rodgers Celtic Manager” headlines should rightly get them excited as any prospect of it happening would be the biggest signing coup in Scotland for a long, long time. It’s worth remembering that Rodgers almost turned Liverpool’s history around by winning them their first Premiership title in a generation. Almost.

It’s also worth remembering he (almost) did that aided and abetted by the World’s most in form striker. Without Luis Suarez cutting up defences Rodgers’ Liverpool just didn’t have the same thrust. Could it be fair to say that Rodgers failed in delivering the title considering the firepower at his disposal?

It is perhaps churlish to be doubting his credentials and even going back to his Swansea days he certainly has exhibited a great deal of ability. He took Swansea to the promised land of the Premier League at the first time of asking and all on a reportedly low budget of twelve million pounds.

That’s in and around the budget that he would get at Celtic if, and it’s a big if, he isn’t looking for a quarter of that for his own wage. The Daily Record are reporting this morning that Rodgers would lose out on ten million pounds if he takes the Celtic job.

There is not a hope in hell that Celtic intend to remunerate him to that extent. He was reportedly on three million pounds a year as manager of Liverpool but if Brendan Rodgers is going to be the Celtic manager he should expect closer to three hundred thousand.

That may seem a lot to the likes of me or you but for a man who could easily go to China, USA or the Middle East and command fees in excess of the three million it would be unpalatable. That’s even before you take into consideration that he will likely want an increased budget and an abandonment of the policies that Celtic have been employing for more than ten years.

Maybe Celtic would throw caution to the wind with this one but where is the evidence to suggest that they would? As for the next Celtic manager betting markets you can put as much faith in them as you can in my opinions. They are both conjecture and lacking in any real information.

But you will perhaps forgive me for being cynical about one thing. Why was the information on the potential of Brendan Rodgers going to Celtic released and by which side? It seems to me whichever side released it had good reason.

If Brendan Rodgers informed the media it would seem pretty clear that he would be applying pressure to prospective employers in England. Employers who would be happy and able to pay him the seven figure wages he is used to.

If Celtic released the information, which goes against all their usual standards in signing managers and players, it may be for a potential season tickets boost. It coincided with a big push including the release of a marketing video to encourage season ticket sales.

Would it not be of more benefit for Celtic to keep their cards close to their chest with this? Particularly if, as they are intimating, no decision has been made with regards to Brendan Rodgers, or anyone else for that matter.

Leaking the story doesn’t do them any favours in regards to attempting to get their man. It won’t make Brendan Rodgers going to Celtic any more likely, or unlikely, than it already is. It won’t put pressure on Rodgers himself and if anything it only ramps up the competition from other interested parties.

Does that make it a non-starter from the off? Is the money involved just too far beyond the reach of a behemoth swimming in a tv backwater? The notion of Brendan Rodgers going to Celtic looks as likely as the prospect of Joey Barton going to Rangers, neither of which looks to be on the cards.

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