Scotland Will Be At The World Cup!

We are releasing a one-off World Cup betting tips package and you can join in for £9.99!

About Scottish Football Tips


There are two types of football tipster on the internet. Those that win and those that lie. At Scottish Football Tips winning matters. That’s indisputable fact and if you can find another tipping site that display their results as transparently as we do then please share it with us.

By following our guides, thoughts and advice you will not get rich quick. Thats what the shysters are for. If you’re here to find a way to clear all your debts or find a way onto the property ladder over night you’re in the wrong game. Try poker. You might just get lucky.

When it comes to making profit through sports betting it’s all about the long game and we have had an online presence since 2012 so Scottish Football Tips is here for the long term.

Why Scottish Football Tips?

What separates us from the rest is our focus. At Scottish Football Tips we concentrate on one thing. Scottish football and, by extension, Scottish Football Tips. We have eyes on the road, ears on the ground and fingers on the pulse.

Scottish football has long since offered opportunity for profit through sports betting. Our followers have been benefitting from it for years. If you want to supplement your profits (or losses) with well researched, thought provoking and in depth analysis, coming across Scottish Football Tips was the best move you’ve ever made.

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